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New equipment Jupiner

New equipment

As an independent supplier, we can offer you new sealed equipment from all major brands like Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Extreme, HP / Procurve and more at very competitive pricing..

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Optical transceivers

Optical Transceivers

Using “Compatible / White Label” optical transceivers (SFP / XFP / GBic / CWDM / DWDM) can be a great way to save on the costs of your network infrastructure.

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Refurbished equipment Cisco

Refurbished equipment

Fully refurbished, tested, same quality as new, and with warranty. A great way to save on your network expenses, without compromising on quality.

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Sell your overstock

Sell your Overstock

Have "old" unused equipment ? Turn your overstock into cash. Sell us your redundant, surplus equipment at the best prices, and get paid fast.

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